Ipswich: Town missed out in multi-million pound cycle safety grant scheme

Tour of Britain 2012

Tour of Britain 2012

CYCLISTS in the town were disappointed today after Ipswich was left out of a multi-million pound scheme to improve cycle safety on the roads.

Nearly 80 locations across the country have benefited from the £40million pot but the closest area to the town which was granted funds was West Row and bury St Edmunds.

The news has come despite an increasing number of cyclists in Ipswich and several high profile events in the town including the Tour of Britain and the Skyride.

Maureen Nichols, secretary of the Wolsey Road Club, said: “It would have helped.

“I think especially in the towns there are openings for improvements certainly. There are various routes through Ipswich but they are not well connected.”

Pete Whelan, a member of the Suffolk Cyclists’ Touring Club, added: “It is always going to be disappointing if you miss out on funding for everyone in the county.

“I think there is room to improve the way roads are laid out – there are certainly some areas where it is very car centric.”

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The schemes which have been offered the funding, which is split between a government grant and local authorities, are all due for completion within the next year.

Some cycle bosses have looked on the bright side of the news.

Tim Snook, chairman of the Ipswich Bicycle Club, believes the massive surge in people taking up cycling will continue and could lead to future benefits for people in the town.

He said: “If Ipswich was to receive any money to improve cycling we would have supported that.

“But I think there will be further opportunities because cycling is growing and if British Cycling continues to grow, the government will more than likely be putting more funds into making cycling safer.”