Ipswich: Town’s answer to stunt man Evel Knievel

MEET all-action Adam Woodard – the man who could soon become Suffolk’s equivalent to Evel Knievel.

The 30-year-old kickboxing star is currently training as a stunt man and hopes to soon become a regular fixture in movies and on our television screens.

While 1970s American daredevil Knievel was famous for his giant motorcycle jumps, Adam, from Ipswich, will specialise in six areas – martial arts, swimming, mountaineering, horse-riding, scuba diving and warrior skills.

The current British Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion, Mr Woodard, of Bellevue Road, decided to pursue the stunt double career path after a friend told him there was a lack of tall stunt men.

“One of my friends is already on the UK Stunt Register and he recommended me to try it as there were no tall stunt men registered,” he said.

“The tallest is around 6ft but I’m 6ft 5ins. I’m also really into my sports so I went for it.”

Mr Woodard is hoping to be fully qualified and on the UK Stunt Register within the next six months after completing his six disciplines to the highest standard.

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He said: “If I had completed my training earlier there was a chance I could have been a stunt man for one of the Death Eaters in Harry Potter as they couldn’t find one to fit the bill.”

The register could also lead to Mr Woodard gaining roles with both the BBC and ITV.

He will soon be waiting by the phone for a call asking him to spring into action.

Mr Woodard added: “Once I’m qualified I have to go along and have a photo taken which will appear on the register. Hopefully they will be looking for something quite specific and they’ll say ‘he’s the right size’.

“It makes me really nervous just thinking about it but hopefully that phone call and opportunity will come along.”

Mr Woodard has been training at Millennium Martial Arts in Ipswich under the guidance of Master Steve Crawford since the tender age of nine and has never looked back.

“He said I’d be a champion one day and I’ve taken it from there. The rest is history really.”

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