Ipswich: Turn down the noise! 70 inconsiderate neighbours hit with noise abatement notices in last two years

Girl covering ears. File picture posed by model

Girl covering ears. File picture posed by model - Credit: www.jupiterimages.com

We will take action against people who blight the lives of others.

That was the message from Ipswich Borough Council today as new figures revealed a total of 70 noisy neighbours in the town have been issued with notices demanding they turn down the volume in the last two years.

According to the data, disclosed following a Freedom of Information request, people have been served with noise abatement notices for situations including loud music, raised voices and dogs barking.

A total of 46 notices were handed out in 2013 and 43 so far this year. There have been several occasions when people have been issued with more than one, making 70 separate incidents since 2013.

Reacting to the figures, a spokesman for the borough council said: “The council is here to help residents who are upset by loud noise. We do take action if necessary and will not tolerate noise nuisance that blights people’s lives.”

A noise abatement notice is handed to someone who is “unreasonably affecting the enjoyment of a premises”.

Once they have been served with the notice, it is an offence for the person accused of noise nuisance to cause further problems. If the problem persists then the person making too much noise could be prosecuted.

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Information seen by The Star shows the borough council has also issued notices for the impact and rumble noise of a skateboard ramp and a high pitched noise from a heat and power unit.

The council spokesman added: “We always hope that neighbour disputes over noise can be resolved amicably but if not, we are here to take action.

“We have prosecuted in three high profile cases recently and we are encouraged that magistrates are taking a serious view when noise abatement notices are broken.”

Among those high profile cases was teenager Rebecca Hope of Woodbridge Road who, last month, was told by magistrates she would face a bill of nearly £900 for several incidents of playing loud music and singing

You can report a noise complaint by sending an email to environmentalhealth@ipswich.gov.uk

Noise abatement notices handed out in 2014 so far:

Birkfield Drive – amplified sound

Bishop’s Hill – amplified sound

Bramford Road – loud music and raised voices.

Brecon Close – amplified sound

Broomwade Close – loud music

Bulwer Road – amplified sound and raised voices

Cemetery Road – amplified sound

Chilton Road – impact and rumble noises from skateboard ramp

Civic Drive – playing any musical instrument

Clapgate lane – amplified sound

Derby Close – loud music and raised voices

Ditton Way – loud music

Donegal Road – amplified sound and raised voices and a dog or dogs barking

Duke Street – loud music

Fore Hamlet – two notices for loud music

Gippeswyk Road – two notices for loud music and raised voices

Grebe Close – two notices for amplified sound and raised voices

Hervey Street – two notices for loud music and raised voices

High Street – amplified sound

Jasmine Close – loud music and raised voices

La Salle Close – loud music and raised voices

Nacton Road – loud music and raised voices

New Cut East – amplified sound

Newnham Court – loud music

Newson Street – amplified sound

Northgate Street – two notices served for amplified sound

Princes Street – amplified sound

Samuel Court – amplified sound

Saturn Road – loud music

Shakespeare Road – two notices for a dog barking

St Helen’s Street – amplified sound

Tyler Street – amplified sound

University Avenue – a loud high pitched noise from heat and power unit

Wicklow Road – two notices for loud music

Woodbridge Road – loud music

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