Ipswich: Uniform marks start of town’s new academy

ipswich: As the school bell rang aloud across the grounds of the town’s new academy, a sea of purple filled the corridors.

Excited students at the Ipswich Academy embraced the start of the new term with a new uniform yesterday.

But as the 850 youngsters settle in to their first week back at the Lindbergh Road school, the uniform isn’t the only change on the agenda for the school. The new attire was designed with help from the academy’s teens and includes a compulsory blazer.

Nancy Robinson, the principal, said that the change of uniform marked a very important day for students.

“We are delighted that the students have returned wearing the new uniform,” she said.

“They all look amazing and they are definitely wearing the new uniform with pride, which is just brilliant.

“It’s fantastic to see them in the academy colour of purple, which was chosen with help from the students.

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“It has also been great for staff to see so many smiling faces.”

“Although we officially opened as an Academy on March 1, the introduction of the new uniform really marks the start of things for us and it’s very exciting for everyone.”

The former Holywells High School officially became an academy last month.

A new three-tier college system was also introduced yesterday which will see students benefit from smaller tutor groups and classes.

From September, more changes are set to be implemented with tutoring sessions and a new education model on the cards.

Ms Robinson added: “From September we will be introducing a weekly 20 minutes tutoring session, which will allow students to spend time individually with their tutors.

“This will be fantastic way to ensure that all students are given all the support and help that they require and that no one is left behind.”

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