Ipswich unlicensed driver drove dangerously two days after previous ban ended

Ipswich Magistrates Court on Elm Street.

Ipswich Magistrates Court on Elm Street. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

A 24-year-old Ipswich unlicensed driver has been banned from the road for dangerous driving while police were trying to stop him two days after his previous disqualification expired.

Aaron Davis, of Downing Close, was spotted by an officer driving a VW Golf he had just bought before he had applied for the return of his driving licence.

Davis, admitted dangerous driving in Sproughton Road, having no insurance, driving without the appropriate licence, failing to stop for police, and possession of cannabis.

All the offences occurred on October 27.

Last year Davis’ was given 12-month ban for a drug-driving offence which expired on October 25.

Prosecutor David Bryant said at one point while police were pursuing Davis he was seen to drive on the wrong side of the road and had also driven around a roundabout the wrong way. At the time traffic was near or on the roundabout. Mr Bryant said Davis had driven at up to 50mph.

Magistrates were told Davis pulled over in Chevallier Street.

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Davis admitted all the offences when interviewed by police.

He said he thought he would get away but realised he was in the wrong and had made it worse for himself when he carried on driving.

Mark Holt, representing Davis, stressed his client had stopped the VW of his own volition.

Davis had previously worked for a paving company in Essex and was coming to the end of his first disqualification. He had been told he could re-start his employment if he was able to drive.

Davis bought the VW the day after his ban ended and was intending to get his full licence.

Mr Holt said: “Foolishly he drove the vehicle between Wellington Street, where he bought the car, back to Downing Close.”

Davis had asked his father to drive the car but he had been unable to help that day.

Police had recognised him as someone who had been banned.

Davis had then driven along Springfield Lane while there were vehicles on both sides.

The court was told police wanted to pass him but there was no room to do so.

When Davis realised it was him police were after he drove away.

Mr Holt said the offences occurred at around 1.30pm and admitted Davis had been trying to evade police.

However, David had not collided with any other vehicles or had any near misses.

Mr Holt conceded: “Given the speed and the manner of driving that was perhaps more a matter of luck than judgment.”

Davis was said to have driven for less than a mile before he was stopped.

Magistrates disqualified Davis from driving for 15 months and gave him an 18-month community order which included a thinking skills programme.

Davis must also pay £40 costs and £85 to the victims’ fund.

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