Team scores 119 goals in 'remarkable' unbeaten season

The Ipswich Vale Exiles team having a team photo

Ipswich Vale Exiles U11s team managed to go the full season unbeaten in what manager Steen Rozier says was a "remarkable feat" - Credit: David Gilson

It is a feat very few professional players see in their career but a group of young Ipswich footballers are celebrating going an entire season unbeaten.

Ipswich Vale Exiles Under 11s football team played 17 games in the season and won every single match. 

The team scored a total of 119 goals and conceded just 12 all season giving them a goal difference of 107. 

Ipswich Vale Exile’s U11 manager Steen Rozier hailed it as a "remarkable feat". 

He said: “They have been fantastic this season and achieved something that may never happen again to them throughout their football career at any level. 

"It has raised a lot of eyebrows this year, fair play to them they deserve it.” 

Kids raising cups to each other

Ipswich Vale Exiles U11s scored 119 goals, conceding just 12 in a fantastic season. - Credit: David Gilson

Aston, the team goalkeeper, along with defenders, Jayden, Corey, Junior, Ethan, Toby and Gilson, managed to keep 11 clean sheets in their 17 games. 

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Mr Rozier said: “It is something we worked on really hard over pre-season is not letting in sloppy goals.

"We completely changed our approach on training, rather than the usual kids training where there are just a few running drills around cones and a few dribbling the balls and things like that.  

“We focused more on real-life gameplay motions like counter-attacking football, defensive football, tracking back, all things that you would use in a game scenario.” 

Mr Rozier, along with his two coaches Kyle Page and Tony Monteiro, said they believe “there is no better training than actually playing football.” 

Ipswich Vale Exiles U11s team all together

Ipswich Vale Exiles U11 changed their training sessions to enable training to be more fun for the kids - Credit: David Gilson

Every player bar two managed to get goals for the club over the course of the season, including midfielders Izzy, Cole, Leo and Harry, along with attackers Ty and top scorer Tyler. 

A big part of the team’s success, along with the change of training, is down to the togetherness they have as a team along with their parents.

Mr Rozier said: “The whole team gets rewarded, we go out for meals as a football family, all the adults and all the kids together. 

“How close the parents are, I believe is a massive contribution to our season because it is not very often you get parents that all get along with each other, which makes our jobs as coaches a lot easier.”