Ipswich: Vandals knock off the wing mirrors of three cars in an Ipswich street

Police are investigating today after vandals knocked off three car wing mirrors in a residential street in the town.

The spate of attacks happened overnight on Wednesday and in the early hours of Thursday morning – all the cars were parked in Mornington Avenue.

Two of the cars were hit at about 2am on Wednesday while the other is believed to have happened sometime between 6pm on Wednesday and 7.30am on Thursday.

Miss Driver, 52, who did not want her first name revealed, had her wing mirror knocked off and was shocked when she woke up in the morning to discover what had happened.

She said: “I have only just moved back here and I thought it was a quiet area.

“I didn’t hear anything so it must have been the early hours. I’m really annoyed, they have just got no respect and nothing better to do.”