Ipswich veteran joined the army for a trade and got a lifetime of memories

War veteran with medals

Ipswich veteran Arthur Fuller travelled to Germany, Singapore and Africa with the army - Credit: Danielle Booden

A 91-year-old army veteran who travelled the world with the troops in the years after the second world war has shared his memories of the life-changing experience.

Arthur Fuller left school at 14 and worked on a farm until the age of 19, when he was bored of the work and wanted to find a trade of his own, signing up for military service in 1948.

Ipswich veteran Arthur Fuller. Picture: Danielle Booden

Ipswich veteran Arthur Fuller. Picture: Danielle Booden - Credit: Danielle Booden

Born in Hemingstone, north of Ipswich, in 1929 he lived through the second world war and worked during the harvest for the first time age 12 as they were so short on numbers — though none of the evacuees from London stayed there for long as they didn't like the countryside.

"Dusseldorf was my favourite posting," the 91-year-old recalled. "It was just like England, the only difference was the language but English was taught in all the schools.

"I had a very easy job there, nice flat, plenty of places you could go and a lovely shopping centre.

"Benghazi in north Africa was my least favourite, as we were in a very small town and there where no places to go for entertainment other than that we made up ourselves."

A collection of photographs from Ipswich veteran Arthur Fuller's time in the army

A collection of photographs from Arthur Fuller's time in the army, including locations such as Ipoh in Singapore, Benghazi in Libya and Yeovil in England - Credit: Arthur Fuller

Mr Fuller was posted abroad for seven years before coming home to the UK, his two children were born in Germany and when the family eventually moved to Ipswich it was to make sure they both had a stable education at Rushmere school.

The veteran spent 22 years working his way up the ranks as a driver, then put in charge of moving troops around and vehicle maintenance, before leaving service in 1969 to become a civilian lorry driver.

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His very first posting had been to humid Singapore, boarding the Dunera ship in Southampton in 1951 which took 28 days to arrive in the middle east.

War medals worn with pride

Arthur Fuller, of Ipswich, is a much-decorated army veteran - Credit: Danielle Booden

 "It was a bit hard at first," he added, describing the start of his army career. "But I knew that if I could get a trade in the army then I would be okay.

"There are lots of opportunities in the army and if you do your courses and concentrate then you'll get your promotion — I think army is a very good life."

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