Ipswich: Victim was attacked day before his alleged murder, court told

IPSWICH: An alcoholic had cigarettes stubbed out on his face and washing powder poured over his head the day before he was allegedly murdered in his Ipswich bedsit, it has been alleged.

Martin Edwards, 45, had been “upset and cowering” during the two alleged incidents on December 23 last year and had been unable to see because the washing powder had gone in his eyes, Ipswich Crown Court was told. Giving evidence at Ipswich Crown Court. Michelle Bennett said she had been at Mr Edwards’ flat in Piper’s Court, in Old Foundry Road, Ipswich, with Christopher Page and Timothy Bailey and had seen Bailey pour the washing powder over Mr Edwards’ head.

She alleged that Page and Bailey had both been laughing and had seen them get a strong bristled broom and use it to wipe the washing powder off Mr Edwards’ head.

Miss Bennett said she had been upset at what she had seen and had apologised to Mr Edwards for not doing anything to protect him.

She claimed that while at the bedsit she had seen Page and Bailey each stub out a cigarette on Mr Edwards’ cheek and had also seen them trying to cut his toes with a small pair of nail scissors.

Miss Bennett alleged that Page and Bailey had been laughing and joking as Mr Edwards tried to pull his legs back and she had been crying and asking them not to do it.

Page, 38, and Bailey, 29, both of Old Foundry Road, Ipswich, Joseph Heggarty, 51, of Limerick Close, Ipswich, and Nicki Edwards, 37, of St Clement’s Church Lane, Ipswich, have all denied murdering Mr Edwards on or about December 24 last year.

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The court has heard that Mr Edwards’ battered body was found on Christmas Day after a worried neighbour forced his way into his bedsit. A post-mortem examination found that he had suffered 228 separate injuries including 18 broken ribs.

The trial continues today.

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