Should Ipswich become a city?

Do you think Ipswich should go for city status? Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Do you think Ipswich should go for city status? Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

An ambitious bid is set to be launched to give Ipswich city status - with supporters arguing the move could open the area up to more investment.

The Ipswich Vision Partnership between Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Borough Council has identified 17 priorities for the town, including being prepared to apply for city status when the next opportunity arises in 2020.

Ipswich has previously bid for city status on several occasions in 1992, 2000 and 2002. Ipswich did not compete in 2012 when Chelmsford, just 36 miles away received city status.

Sandy Martin, Ipswich Labour MP, said: “I think a lot of Ipswich residents are used to Ipswich being a town and I can’t see Ipswich Town Football Club changing their name anytime soon.

“However, there are people who say that being a city would boost investment and bring in more jobs and if this is the case then I back the plans for the town to become a city.”

People on Facebook have been reacting to the news.

Daniel Holmes commented: “Excellent idea. Can’t one of our churches be upgraded to cathedral status? I think it would be great for the area.”

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Nigel Smith added: “Ipswich should be a city with ambition for the future; a growing metropolis and city status may help to secure some of the investment which is now needed.”

Dan Groove Drake also said: “It’s a good idea if it means the town gets more funding and grants but the town centre doesn’t represent a city much unless you want a haircut, a coffee or to place a bet - the retail units need to be filled and the town needs to look more inviting.”

However Claire Samantha Turner said: “City of what? How can Ipswich even be considered as a city? There’s absolutely no comparable cities in the UK!”

Many others have been posing the question that “Ipswich doesn’t have a cathedral” so “how can it be classed as a city?”

Jenny Cook added: “I have a horrible feeling that the town council will waste a load of our council tax money on this again (to no avail), which could be better spent elsewhere. We are a town with a long history, so why should we pursue being a city? Another vanity project for the politicians, like the Cornhill revamp?”

Bryan Davidson continued: “City status will mean higher rates and higher insurance premiums. At least get a northern bypass in before dreaming about what Ipswich could be.”

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