Ipswich: Warning to wine rack “idiots”

THERE are calls today to tighten security at the Waterfront to prevent vandals scaling the Regatta Quay “wine rack”.

The skeleton of the 14-storey building has been a feature of the area for more than two years after developers City Living went into administration.

There are high boards around the bottom of the building which stands as a monument to the recession’s impact in Ipswich – but they are not high enough to deter at least one crazy graffiti artist.

Someone got to the top of the tower and painted this mark which can be seen across the Waterfront.

The action was condemned by the borough councillor responsible for economic development.

Carole Jones said: “Whoever did this really was dicing with death. They must be an idiot – or idiots. I will be talking to officers at the borough to see if anything can be done to improve security at the site.

“I shall ask them to talk to the administrators about what can be done to improve security there – and also contacting the police and Ipswich Central to make sure that their patrols keep an eye on what is happening there.”

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Ms Jones added: “It is very sad that the site is in that state, but it is important that everyone does all they can to prevent it from becoming the scene of a tragedy.

“Thank you for highlighting the problem.”

The development is currently the responsibility of administrators Grant Thornton whose spokesman said they took security very seriously.

He said: “We are concerned the security on the site was breached and will be taking action to review the incident and, if necessary, put in place the necessary measures to improve security on the site.”

Ipswich Central’s Paul Clement said: “The Regatta Quay development is, unfortunately, a symbol of the difficult economic times that we are in nationally.

“There is no escaping its visual presence, and as with all empty buildings it is prone to vandalism and may be used as shelter occasionally.

“However we have been working with the borough council, the police and local business community to keep the area as safe and appealing as possible.”

A police spokesman said: “We haven’t had any crimes reported at Regatta Quay since the start of the year, but if anyone has any concerns or sees anyone in the buildings, they should contact us about it.”