Ipswich: Washbrook woman slams hospital bosses

A DIALYSIS patient treated at Ipswich Hospital has today blasted trust bosses for removing her right to paid-for hospital transport.

Louise Kelly, who has been on dialysis for 11 years, told The Star she fears she won’t be able to go for treatment because the only other option is getting a taxi and due to her disability she claims that is not viable.

Ms Kelly, who lives in Washbrook, said a taxi would cost her around �90 a week for her three appointments.

“This will mean I may not be able to have dialysis,” the 45-year-old said. “They are saying I can get a taxi and claim it back but I can’t get into a taxi.

“I have one leg, renal bone disease which means I can’t bend, I am registered partially blind and have type 1 diabetes. At the moment I am picked up in an ambulance. I don’t know what I will do.”

Jan Ingle, hospital spokeswoman said recent changes, resulting in the trust following the national guidelines set by the Department of Health have led to the changes.

“This has meant that we have assessed all renal patients who in the past have received hospital paid for transport,” she said. “What we have found is there are a number of patients who when you apply the guidelines, which are used by every hospital, they are no longer eligible.”

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She said those affected should check whether they qualify for their transport to be paid by the Healthcare Travel Scheme.

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