Ipswich/Wherstead: Borough to object to wind turbine proposal

A turbine at Kessinghland - a similar size to that proposed at Wherstead.

A turbine at Kessinghland - a similar size to that proposed at Wherstead. - Credit: citizenside.com

Ipswich council is to formally object to a proposal to build a 130-metre high wind turbine on land at Pannington Hall, Wherstead.

The borough’s planning and development committee voted to oppose the turbine because of the effect it could have on properties in the south of the town.

A report from officers said they did not have enough information about the impact on the homes to make a recommendation.

However Labour councillor Richard Kirby, who represents Sprites, one of the wards nearest Pannington Hall, proposed that the borough should formally object on the grounds of visual intrusion.

The turbine would be in the Babergh district, and the decision by the borough is only advisory.

Babergh’s own planning committee will consider the application later in the year.

The turbine is being developed by energy company Partnerships for Renewables, and a spokesman said it was disappointed at the objection from the borough.

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However it was heartened by the fact the officers said they were, in principal, in favour of renewable energy.

The company would look at all the representations and objections before the application was considered by Babergh planners in an attempt to ensure issues were addressed.