Ipswich: Woman denies attack on Lidl security guard

The Lidl store in London Road, Ipswich

The Lidl store in London Road, Ipswich - Credit: Archant

A security guard lost a tooth and was bitten on the arm when he and two other men tried to restrain a suspected shoplifter, a court heard.

Kathryn Barter was approached by the manager of the Lidl branch in London Road, Ipswich and asked to accompany him to another part of the store after after she was apparently seen shoplifiting, Ipswich Crown Court was told.

Barter refused and allegedly lunged towards the exit, said Michael Crimp, prosecuting.

Ben Cook, who worked at the store, grabbed her and there was a struggle during which she went to the ground.

Barter had been shouting and screaming and was carried by staff members from the shop floor to a staff room. She appeared to calm down but then made another lunge for the door. During the struggle that followed she allegedly caught Mr Cook and store manager Craig Hasnip in the face after flailing about with her elbows and feet.

Security guard Steven Lockley tried to calm her down by spraying her in the face with a marker spray used on suspected shoplifters’ clothing but Barter allegedly bit his arm and struck him in the face causing him to lose a tooth, said Mr Crimp.

He said Barter claimed she was acting in lawful self defence. Barter, 28, of Kelly Road, Ipswich, denies assaulting Mr Lockley causing him actual bodily harm and assault by beating on Mr Hasnip and Mr Cook in March this year.

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Giving evidence, Mr Hasnip agreed Barter had been sprayed in the face at close range.

Cross-examined by defence counsel Matthew Sorel-Cameron he accepted Barter had screamed that she couldn’t breathe while she was face down on the floor. Mr Hasnip said Barter didn’t appear to have any problem breathing and had been violent and aggressive and using her arms and legs during the incident.

The trial continues today.