Fundraiser walks from Ipswich to Felixstowe dressed as a hedgehog

Julie Moore

The giant hedgehog costume Julie walked in to raise money - Credit: Julie Moore

A woman dressed up as a hedgehog and walked from Ipswich to Felixstowe to fundraise for her hedgehog rescue charity called Great Hogmond Street.

Julie Moore loves to help sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs back to health, with the aim of eventually releasing them back into the wild and decided that just doing a sponsored walk wasn't quite enough.

"I thought that’s a bit boring, but dressed as a giant hedgehog would create a giggle," said Julie.

"So I planned a route and with the fantastic support from my partner Mike and my friend Sue, off we set. Pinewood Ipswich to Felixstowe.

"The walk went really well. Left our house, Pinewood about 8.40am, arrived Felixstowe at 4.15pm. Weather was little cold and wet but so chuffed we achieved it.

"To the kind people who sponsored me and the kind people who put money into my bucket along the way, I’ve raised £650 thank you so much everyone. I feel so humble how kind people can be."

Julie is hoping to purchase a microscope which will help her to detect bacteria sooner and to aid the speedy recovery with the correct medication from the vets to help her hedgehogs.

Julie Moore

Julie and one of her hedgehog's - Credit: Julie Moore

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She will also purchase small cameras to watch my hedgehogs individually at night especially in my incubators.

If you find a hedgehog outside during the day over the coming weeks, Julie asks that you do not hesitate to contact her, as the hedgehog could be poorly, injured, under weight and will not survive the winter.

She added: "I am looking for safe gardens, with access for the hedgehogs to go from garden to garden, no badgers and not on a main road.

Julie Moore

Julie raised more than £600 from her walk - Credit: Julie Moore

"If you would  be happy for me to come and have a chat, that would be excellent as I have hedgehogs that will need releasing in the spring."

Julie would also be grateful for any donations, such a kitten biscuits, dog or cat food, even newspapers which are used when cleaning out Hedgehog boxes.

Julie Moore

Julie carried a fundraising bucket while she walked - Credit: Julie Moore

To see Julie's work you can follow her on Instagram: @great_hogmond_street, or visit: for more information.