It is plane to see airport nostalgia

FOND memories of the former Ipswich Airport took flight at a nostalgic reunion to mark the tenth anniversary of its closure.

FOND memories of the former Ipswich Airport took flight at a nostalgic reunion to mark the tenth anniversary of its closure.

The Ipswich Airport Association held a reunion where more than 100 people viewed an exhibition of photographs and memorabilia dating back to the opening of the airport in 1930.

Association secretary Angelika Voss said: “It was attended well exceeded expectations with many other people saying they wished they could have come.

“Old-timer Stanley Ward, who taught at the airport for many years, was on hand to reminisce with visitors. Other owners and operators of businesses at the airport and several ex-Ipswich flying instructors were there.”

The event was at the Ipswich Transport Museum on Saturday .

Many former users of the airport, campaigners and residents from the surrounding areas were also among guests.

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Ms Voss said: “Visitors to the exhibition were also able to see the full range of exhibits in the transport museum.

“In view of the big demand and that so many old friends were unable to attend we plan to have a second exhibition next year.”

Association members are seeking old photographs and memorabilia for their history project. If you have any pictures or items from the airport's history you can call the association on 0870 3217 015.


FastFacts: Ipswich Airport

N Ipswich Airport was opened in 1930 by the Prince of Wales, later Edward VIII. It was owned by Ipswich Corporation.

N In 1939 the airport was requisitioned by the RAF and a squadron of Bristol Blenheims flew in.

N Private flying recommenced after the war, and from 1953 it became an important airfield for aircraft clubs and flight training schools.

N During the 1960s scheduled flights to parts of Britain and the Channel Islands were introduced.

N In the 1980s there were proposals to use part of the airfield for a superstore.

N In 1989 the council announced it would close the airport and redevelop the site.

N On December 31 1996 Ipswich airport closed although it continued to be used unofficially until the following spring.

N In 1999 the first people moved into the new Ravenswood housing estate.

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