It's a chip off the old duck!

LOVE a duck. A green-fingered youngster from Suffolk has turned up a spudtacular discovery.

Tom Potter

LOVE a duck. A green-fingered youngster from Suffolk has turned up a spudtacular discovery.

Four-year-old Zachary Clouter was digging around in the family allotment when he uncovered a startlingly convincing duck shaped potato.

Catherine Clouter, Zac's mum said: “Zac was helping us out on the allotment which friends of ours let us share with them in Westerfield village.

“He was thrilled when he found it and rushed around showing people.

“We've been keeping in the fridge to preserve it.

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“Zac is very keen to get his photo in the paper and 'be famous.'

However the youngster is adamant that the potato should never be eaten.

Mrs Clouter said: “He thinks we should plant it back in the ground and see if more ducks grow next year!”

Zac attends Willow Park Montessori Nursery at present and they too are very keen on promoting healthy eating in children.

Mrs Clouter said the nursery has their own allotment where the children are involved with growing food and watching it go straight from the garden to the nursery kitchen for their meals.

n. Have you found an odd shaped vegetable? Send your pictures to Evening Star news desk at or to Reader Pictures, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN

NEW EU rules mean amusingly shaped fruit and veg again be sold in supermarkets.

Previously laws stated they must be sold in uniform shapes and sizes.

It is hoped that the law change will mean less waste and lower prices.

A compendium of oddly misshapen fruit and veg:

New Zealand businessman, Mike Pero, paid a world record price for a fruit shaped like a kiwi.

He shelled out $1000 for the feijoa - also known as a pineapple guava - after a woman from Auckland found under a tree and decided to auction it off.

Rick Brown, a farmer from Maryland, USA, dug up a potato that bore an uncanny resemblance to Mickey Mouse in August last year.

Japanese market sellers produced square melons in 2001 to allow customers to fit the large fruit in their refrigerators.

Farmers grew the melons in glass boxes to achieve the unusual shape.

Since then, Japanese farmers grown heart and star shaped cucumbers among other bizarre produce.


We opened a competition on The Evening Star website to see who could come up with the best headline for this story with the prize of a bottle of wine.

The winner was Robert Ward of Stowmarket with Chip off the old duck.

Here are just a few of the other entries:

Duck a l'pomme de terre or Does a potato's quack echo? - Angry Slipper

Quack Quack or Mash Mash? - Kerry Avery, Felixstowe

superspuddyduckilisticexpialispudduck! - Sally Green, Ipswich

'SPUDUCK' - Lesley Harold, Ipswich

If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it is a potato!- Alan Brightwell

'I've heard of prawn crackers but not potato quackers' - Mr SA.

Mr S.A.

You canard be serious - Dale Craven

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