It’s National Curry Week - where are the best restaurants and takeaways in Ipswich?

Ipswich has a wealth of different options when it comes to curry

Ipswich has a wealth of different options when it comes to curry - Credit: Archant/Hunter

To celebrate National Curry week we’ve had a look at some of the restaurants and takeaways which offer the best Indian in the town, but we want to know where you get your curry fix.

Where do you get your curry fix?

Where do you get your curry fix? - Credit: Archant

My Keralam - St Helens Street

This South Indian restaurant near the town’s Regent Theatre offers a wide range of food from the Kerala region, which it says is ‘full of tradition, flavour and spices. Its renowned for exotic recipes which are handed over from mother to daughter, generation to generation’. The food is characterised by the use of coconut, tamarind and asafetida, with seafood also very popular.

Taj Mahal - Norwich Road

This long-standing member of the Ipswich culinary community celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013, with local dignitaries attending the event. There’s a reason restaurants like this remain popular, with the consistent quality marking it out as one of Ipswich’s leading lights. An extensive specials menu means there’s always something new to try.

Eastern Spice on Woodbridge Road

Eastern Spice on Woodbridge Road

Maharani - Norwich Road

Just two doors down from the Taj Mahal is another one of Ipswich’s curry jewels in the crown. The Maharani has been serving Bangladeshi and Indian food for 20 years and has picked up plenty of awards along the way, including being named as one of the country’s top 100 curry restaurants in 2007.

Zaika - St Nicholas Street

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The striking black building is due to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary later this month, having opened in October 2005. The word Zaika means ‘a special taste for food’ with their wide range of specials and vegetarian dishes providing a superb choice likely to please any diner.

Staff at the Dhaka on Orwell Place

Staff at the Dhaka on Orwell Place

The Biryani Hut - Princes Street

This portable curry hut, located on Princes Street near the iconic Giles statue, has been tickling the taste buds in recent months and is currently the town’s number one eatery on Trip Advisor. Although the menu is understandably small, due to the size of the portable premises, the set menus are popular with workers and shoppers alike.

Dhaka - Orwell Place

The unmissable purple building just past Tacket Street has changed hands a number of times, but has been serving food for more than 30 years. The Indian/Bangladeshi restaurant prides itself on its ‘relaxed atmosphere, exquisite cuisine, friendly service.

Maharani on Norwich Road

Maharani on Norwich Road - Credit: Gregg Brown

A plentiful supply of takeaways

Every area of the town has its own go-to Indian takeaway, ranging in popularity, price, quality and variety. While there are too many to mention, some standout takeaways include Eastern Spice on Woodbridge Road, Royal Eastern on Heath Road, Massala on Bramford Road, Gulshan on Stoke Street and Bekash Tandoori on Meredith Street. Where do you get your Indian takeaway from?

A Passage to India - Fore Street

Another popular restaurant offering Indian/Bangladeshi cuisine, A Passage to India aims to offer ‘authentic, traditional and contemporary dishes served in comfortable and relaxing surroundings’.

Zaika on St Nicholas Street

Zaika on St Nicholas Street

This is just a taste of the wealth of Indian cuisine on offer in the town, so let us know where you go for your curry fix. Will you be celebrating National Curry Week?

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