Items left in last-minute footie frenzy

IPSWICH: For some forgetful fans at Town's thrilling last-gasp victory over Coventry, the excitement was all a bit too much.

Tom Potter

IPSWICH: For some forgetful fans at Town's thrilling last-gasp victory over Coventry, the excitement was all a bit too much.

More than double the usual amount of lost property was found at Portman Road by stewards following Saturday's mesmerising late win for the Tractor Boys.

The journey home for some jubilant supporters would have been less rewarding than the team's epic turnaround, after discovering what they had left behind in all the glorious commotion, especially those who departed without umbrellas on a miserably wet evening.

Among items mislaid following the final whistle were a wallet, a mobile phone and a digital camera - no doubt holding joyful memories of Town's momentous comeback.

The club's head of safety and security, Mick Warden, said: “On average match days between five and 10 items of lost property are handed in, but on Saturday we found more than 20.”

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After each home game stewards perform what is known as a 'stand sweep' of all four sides of the ground to look for lost property and spot any maintenance issues that need addressing before the next kick-off.

Items are then logged, recorded and safely stored until the owner reclaims them.

Mr Warden said: “On this occasion we were able to contact the owner of the wallet with their contact details.

“It's difficult to say why there were more items left behind than usual, but things can fall out of people's pockets when they're celebrating. Everyone was excited by the result, so that could explain it.”

The club is still looking after a number of personal belongings left behind after the game, but absent-minded fans only have 28 days after each fixture to claim them back.

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Lost property worth going back for… some of the more valuable and unusual mislaid items:

Transport for London's lost property office has handled on average 200,000 items a year since 1934. Among the more bizarre items are urns of ashes, a stuffed puffer fish and a pair of breast implants.

AROUND a dozen Norwich fans were thrown out of Colchester's stadium after obtaining tickets among the home supporters.

Through a ballot, some 2,000 City supporters snapped up the allocation of tickets for the travelling fans for Saturday's game, but some yellow and green fans managed to get in with the home fans.

A number of them were ejected from the stadium by stewards, while a Colchester supporter who ran onto the pitch and sped over towards the Norwich fans was rugby tackled by policemen and taken away.

With emotions running high, police warned troublemakers they would face stern action.

But a spokesman for British Transport Police said that no arrests had been made in the immediate aftermath of the game, which Colchester lost 5-0.