Jail for ecstasy pills drug dealer

THIS is the face of a Suffolk drug dealer who is today behind bars after being found carrying more than 300 ecstasy pills.

THIS is the face of a Suffolk drug dealer who is today behind bars after being found carrying more than 300 ecstasy pills.

Jamie Raven, of High Road, Trimley St Mary, pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply and has been sentenced to a year in prison at Ipswich Crown Court.

Judge John Devaux said he should serve at least half of that time.

The court heard how officers stopped and searched Raven, 24, in Union Street, Ipswich, on January 9 this year because he “looked suspicious”.

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They discovered he was carrying a couple of bags of drugs, later identified as 331 esctasy pills and nine packets of cannabis resin, as well as £1,302 in cash.

Prosecutor Peter Gair told the court: “He said he was going to a small group of friends with the pills and was looking after the cannabis for someone else.”

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In mitigation, John Morgans said: “Jamie is no angel but until this, there have been no other drug offences.

“He has had a problem with drugs which started with cannabis and went on to ecstasy. He developed a habit, and as a result was moving in a group of other drug offenders and users and through that, he drifted into this.

“He sees this as a wake up call and has realised he has to change.”

The court heard how Raven had now stopped using ecstasy and has sought help for his cannabis problem.

Mr Morgans said: “He has impressed everyone [the drug agencies] around him and this is due to the influence of his partner and main carer.”

Raven was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for the possessing class A drugs with intent to supply and eight months imprisonment for possessing class C drugs with intent to supply. Both offences will run concurrently and he was ordered to serve at least six months.

At the hearing on Thursday , Judge Devaux said: “You have no previous convictions for drug offences. However in the past you have received community penalties which you have regularly breached. It is not possible for me to suspend these sentences so you will start serving them today.”

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