James Marston: Furlongs, floats, flats and flags

Felixstowe Carnival 2014

Felixstowe Carnival 2014 - Credit: citizenside.com

Is it true there were 46 floats at Felixstowe carnival?

Is it true there were 46 floats at Felixstowe carnival?

I watched the procession from near the leisure centre, where I sometimes enjoy the moonlight swim on a Monday evening. It sounds atmospheric but I think they just turn off the lights.

Anyway, I rather enjoyed the carnival weekend. The town sort of comes alive and I spent much of it cycling around, catching the sun – I got a bit burnt ? and soaking up the atmosphere. The carnival is always good fun and for a small town I think we do rather well.

But I started my weekend at Newmarket races, where unfortunately I invested badly in the 7.10pm and didn’t really pick many winners.

Up there on the heath is lovely on a summer’s evening and as the crowd got drunker and the sun set everyone was in party mood for UB40.

And while Felixstowe, where I have a small flat with sea views (distant), was “en fete”, so was the village of Icklingham in the west of the county, where I spent my boyhood, and where the ladies of the church and the flower club held a flower festival to commemorate the beginning of the Great War.

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Everyone had gone to lot of trouble, and my sister Claire, who had made some trenches in the porch, complete with sandbags, rats and gas masks, declared it a roaring success.

My mother Sue ? she did the display on the font ? even had to do some emergency baking on the Saturday night after the cake stall was almost completely cleaned out of Victoria sandwiches. (I bought a small one for the deep freeze that I can pass off as my own in due course.)

I played the organ for the service of commemoration, which included a rendition of The Last Post and Reveille – during which I got a bit lost and had to busk, though no-one seemed to notice ? thoughtfully popped into the proceedings by our lively vicar, Rosemary, who I couldn’t see at the lectern in the organ mirror, thanks to the bunting which adorned the organ loft leaving me guessing at where she was on a couple of occasions.

Anyway, it all went off splendidly.

This week I’ve managed to get behind closed doors again and had a sniff round the new show apartment at Felixstowe’s Bartlet development, above.

It was nicely fitted out and I imagined myself quite nicely enjoying the sea views (majestic).