James Marston: If foxgloves are good enough for the Chelsea Flower Show, they are good enough for my Felixstowe borders

Chelsea Flower Show 2014 with James Marston.

Chelsea Flower Show 2014 with James Marston.

Well that’s it for Monday’s off for a while.

I don’t know about you but I’m not that keen on bank holidays. I never know what to do with myself.

Usually I rest on the sofa with a packet of Hula Hoops but I’ve got no television at the moment in my small flat with sea views (distant) in the Edwardian spa resort of Felixstowe which is annoying as anyone who lives alone will know.

This is because my set is no longer receiving a satellite signal which effectively means I’ve got to fork out yet another £100 plus on some chap to come over and fiddle with it for ten minutes and tell me in hushed tones that really I need a whole new set up and even then it won’t guarantee I’ll l get a picture because its Felixstowe.

I can’t understand why everything costs so much can you? I studied economics at university and I flatly refuse to believe the government’s figures on inflation. We’ll soon stop bothering to bend down to pick up a tenner never mind a copper.

On Sunday I enjoyed a chipolata breakfast with my family after church organing – regular readers will know I often pull out the stops at the ancient church of St James in Icklingham in the west of the county.

My sister Claire, who wants to marry a rich farmer with a weak pulse, slightly threw me this week as she announced to the congregation that she’s planning a rather avant-garde display which includes barbed wire and plastic rats for the Flower Festival.

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Anyway after some high pork content, I popped to Bury St Edmunds Whitsun Fayre to get going with the garden.

Bizarrely there was a beach full of children in the middle of the town – something I wasn’t expecting.

I met my friend Helen, who has an allotment and knows about gardens, and bought a few foxgloves – I’d seen lots of them at the Chelsea Flower show so If they are good enough for Monty Don they are good enough for me – and a few lupins – 5 for £10 which I thought wasn’t bad.

I’ve only got a small border and a bit of a rabbit problem so I didn’t go mad.

Does anyone have any ideas about getting rid of rabbits? I’m thinking about gassing but Watership Down casts a long shadow and I’m not sure.

Anyway a day in the garden was just nice but that left Monday stretching ahead.

This year I decided to pop to London to lunch with an old friend. By the time’s I’d had a spot of lunch and a couple of drinks I could have paid a deposit on a house.

I noted that parking there is almost the same as Bury St Edmunds – just saying.