Jim comes up with crumby excuse

HE might be concerned about his crumbling defence but he doesn't need to worry about crumbs in the dressing room, because this week Jim Magilton has given up his favourite snack.

HE might be concerned about his crumbling defence but he doesn't need to worry about crumbs in the dressing room, because this week Jim Magilton has given up his favourite snack.

The Town manager has promised not to touch chocolate digestive biscuits for a week to support Out & About, a Suffolk charity which helps disabled children take part in leisure activities.

He said: “I reckon I spend about £10 a week on biscuits, but I'll be giving them up this week to donate the money to Out & About to support their work with disabled children in Suffolk.”

And Magilton, who also enjoys the occasional chewy sweet, is just one of thousands of people who have given something up this week - National Giving Week.

Out & About chief executive Steve Allman, who is giving up Mars Bars, said: “This year's Give It Up theme provides an excellent opportunity to test your willpower and give something up knowing that you'll make a difference to others.

“Some people are giving up smoking or chocolate for a week, others are giving up driving to work and donating their petrol money, or a night out.”

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And two of his colleagues, Sue Woolmer and Barbara King, are hoping they will have made a small fortune by giving up swearing.

Ms Woolmer said: “We've made a swearbox and if any of us swear we have to donate 50p.

“We decided to give up swearing to raise money, as we both swear far too blooming often.”

And another person who has given something up is 27-year-old Ipswich man, Kevin Filby, who gave up lots of his time to organise a Battle of the Bands event at the Caribbean Club which raised £1,500 for the charity.

He said: “It really showed what a difference local people can make to other people in their community by coming together for an event like this.”

Weblink: www.out-and-about.org.uk


Out & About

Out & About enables about 250 disabled children and young people in Suffolk and Norfolk to develop the skills to access their right to full and active inclusion in life.

It provides support for disabled children to access mainstream leisure activities, such as cubs, brownies, youth clubs, sports clubs, after school clubs.

It has a volunteer team of about 50 people who took part in about 2,000 activities last year.

A recent survey found that 68 per cent of disabled children have been excluded from a leisure activity and 70 pc of parents feel their disabled child will be unable to join in ordinary activities with non-disabled children.

Source: Out & About

Crumbs! This is what people in Ipswich thought of Jim's biscuit habit:

Nathan Sharp, aged five, from Capel St Mary, said: "I love chocolate. It is a lot of biscuits to eat but I like to have sweets and my mum doesn't let me."

Janet Haddock, 58, from Chantry in Ipswich, said: "That's a lot of biscuits if it's all for him, but if he gives some to others it's ok. I like to have the odd treat but nothing like that and I wouldn't spend £10 a week on biscuits."

Joyce Ellis, 59, from Whitehouse in Ipswich, said: "I can understand as I eat a lot of biscuits, though not £10 worth. Every time I have a cup of tea I have to dunk one in, and like many things they are addictive."

And if you need another... Dion Butler, 16, from Nacton, said: "I'm surprised but it is up to him. I spend a lot on clothes and I sometimes have biscuits but nowhere near that much."

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