Judge refuses to grant bail to men accused of arson at West Meadows travellers’ site in Ipswich

The West Meadows travellers' site in Ipswich

The West Meadows travellers' site in Ipswich

Four men accused of being involved in a violent incident at an Ipswich travellers’ site three days after an alleged double murder have had their applications for bail refused by a judge.

Henry Harbour, 20, and Levi Harbour, 19, both of Meadow Lane, Runwell, near Chelmsford, and William Harbour, 31, and Ernest Oakley, 22, both of Woodlands Way, West Meadows are facing charges of arson with intent to endanger life and criminal damage which were allegedly committed at West Meadows travellers’ site on December 11.

The charges relate to two caravans being set alight, a horse being beaten to death and damage being caused to motor vehicles, caravans, buildings and street furniture.

A fifth defendant, Swaley Smith, 23, of Barnsley, had his application for bail refused earlier this week.

A 14-year-old boy from Essex, who cannot be identified due to his age, also faces charges arising out of the alleged incident on December 11

All the defendants are due to appear at Ipswich Crown Court on January 11.

Nathan Oakley, 18, and 32-year-old Barry Street, who both lived at West Meadows, died in a double-stabbing on December 8.

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A teenage boy from Ipswich, who cannot be named due to legal restrictions, has been charged with murder and has been remanded in youth custody until his next appearance at Ipswich Crown Court on January 9.

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