Justin Bieber and Akon tracks lead to Ipswich noise nuisances being fined by court

Justin Bieber performs on the Virgin Media Stage during the V Festival at Hylands Park in Chelmsford

Justin Bieber performs on the Virgin Media Stage during the V Festival at Hylands Park in Chelmsford this year. Photo Ian West/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Justin Bieber and Akon fans are among three noisy music lovers who must pay the price for making their Ipswich neighbours’ lives a misery.

Akon. Photo PA Wire

Akon. Photo PA Wire - Credit: PA

Kirsty Roach, of Birkfield Drive, was ordered to hand over more than £800 for five offences of contravening a noise abatement notice after her case before Ipswich magistrates was proven in her absence.

When the block of flats the 29-year-old lived was visited by an Ipswich Borough Council environmental protection officer on February 29 they could feel a thumping bass beat vibrating through the floor of another apartment above Roach’s home.

The excessive noised continued for around 15 minutes until there was a change of track at 8.45pm to Justin Bieber’s hit Honestly, which could be clearly heard in the property.

Roach also contravened the abatement notice she had previously been given on March 20, March 21, April 2 and May 6.

Roach did not attend her hearing, but did contact the court to say she was ill.

She was fined a total of £500 and ordered to pay prosecution costs of £300, as well as £20 to the victims’ fund.

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Another nuisance neighbour Tara Girling, of Landseer Road, Ipswich, was caught blaring out US singer, songwriter and producer Akon’s hit Don’t Matter after previously being given a noise abatement notice.

The loud music was heard by a council officer when a complaint was made on April 9.

Shortly after 11.50pm the officer was in a property next door to Girling’s when they heard a thumping bass sound coming from her property and a male rap singer they believed to be Akon.

It continued until after midnight and when the track changed the artist was identified as Akon singing Don’t Matter.

Vibrations were felt in the floor of the property occupied by the complainant.

Girling, who attended court and pleaded guilty to contravening a noise abatement notice was fined £120.

She was also ordered to pay costs of £200 and £30 to the victims’ fund.

The third nuisance neighbour to be fined by magistrates was Shelby Ruthann Murray, of Downside Close, Ipswich, who tormented her neighbour with the 2010 hit Kickstarts by British singer Example.

A council officer was called to Murray’s neighbour’s home in April and heard the song over the sound of the occupant’s television. Other tracks were also heard.

Murray also admitted contravening a noise abatement order.

The 22-year-old was fined £120 and ordered to pay £200 costs, as well as £30 to the victims’ fund.

After the three cases Max Stocker, an Ipswich Borough Council spokesman, said: “We are pleased with the outcome of these three cases.

“We do not tolerate noise nuisance and will take legal action if we have enough evidence.”