'Do not give up' - Ipswich mum featured in Amazon chart-topping book

Kalagira is one woman interviewed for Seen, a book celebrating female entrepreneurs

Josephine Kalagira suffered from chronic pain for a number of years before turning her life around with help from a charity - Credit: Josephine Kalagira

An Ipswich mum who became a health and wellbeing activist after battling through years of chronic pain has been featured in a book celebrating female entrepreneurs. 

Josephine Kalagira, 37, is one of 15 women featured in Seen, which has topped the Amazon UK charts in six different categories. 

Ms Kalagira said: "This book gave me a platform to open up about my experience of physical and mental health challenges that resulted from a personal injury I had in 2017. 

"I realised that the more I shared my story, the more I came across wonderful, courageous and visionary women whose life experiences I could relate to.

She has shared her story with Katherine Massey for the new book

Josephine's life was changed after an accident in 2017 - Credit: Josephine Kalagira

"These women often confide in me that, at times, they feel limited, restricted, written off, alone and hopeless. 

"My message to them is this: despite your daily struggles, there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you keep going, seek help - especially from those with a lived experience - and do not give up." 

The book collaboration was pioneered by Katherine Massey, with all proceeds going to Milestone Mums - a peer support group for mothers with mental health problems who have children under two.

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Josephine Kalagira started her free support community - Thrive and Shine Through Your Setbacks - on Facebook in 2020.