Karate kicks by drunk Ipswich man

AN Ipswich man attacked police officers with karate-style kicks when he was drunk and disorderly.

AN Ipswich man attacked police officers with karate-style kicks when he was drunk and disorderly.

Ian Williams, of Burlington Road, told South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court he had called for police help on April 30 after he was set on by an Alsatian dog when he left a party.

Lesla Small, prosecuting, said police found Williams “on the floor and heavily intoxicated” and “making growling noises.”

Williams, 38, had drunk 10 cans of larger as well as four-and-a-half full tumblers of vodka and started lashing out at officers, making karate gestures.

He committed the offence while on a conditional discharge for another offence.

He said: “Since the last time I got done I have been trying to cut down my drinking.

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“Me and my girlfriend were invited round her friend's for a drink and her boyfriend is an extremely jealous man.

“We were round for three-and-a-half hours and I was getting on brilliantly with people and wasn't doing anything. Then I got attacked for no apparent reason.

“He was telling his dog to bite me. I have ten bruises and dog teeth marks.”

Williams said the Alsatian dog continued to attack him while his girlfriend rang the police.

He admitted being drunk and disorderly but said he could not understand why he had got into trouble when it had been him who was being attacked.

Magistrates who heard the case on Friday ordered a pre-sentence report to be completed before they sentence Williams on May 30.

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