Ken's tail has a purr-fect ending!

Ken the Cat may have lost one of his nine lives - but he's back where he belongs today.

FELIXSTOWE: Ken the Cat may have lost one of his nine lives - but he's back where he belongs today.

The friendly feline spent more than a week in the Felixstowe Blue Cross rescue centre after he ignored the barks of the resident dogs and sneaked in to avoid the rain.

He gave staff at the centre a shock when, on November 28, they went to feed the pooches and found the black moggie asleep in the kennel.

Staff named him Ken - because he was found in a kennel - but were hoping his owners would reclaim him.

And now, after a ten day search - the handsome black cat has been reunited with his delighted owners.

Victoria Lockwood and her five-year-old son, La'Del, had been left heartbroken when their pet, whose real name is Sooty, failed to return home.

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She said: “I was really starting to worry that something bad had happened to him because he's normally a home cat and he doesn't go out too much.

“I'd been putting food out for him and other cats were eating it. La'Del was so upset and was crying because Sooty was his first pet.

“I was up searching for him all night and day - I couldn't sleep because I was so worried.”

Miss Lockwood, who lives next door to the Walton High Street centre, eventually went to report Sooty missing at the animal sanctuary and got a lovely surprise.

Andy Gillion, manager of the Felixstowe Blue Cross centre, said: “She came in to report a cat missing and we then showed her the article which had been in The Evening Star a few days earlier.

“Miss Lockwood was then able to identify Ken as her missing cat Sooty - we're so pleased that he's been able to go back home, he's where he belongs.”

Sooty had snuck into the secure building via the roof to escape from the wild weather outside.

Miss Lockwood, who adopted Sooty a year ago, added: “It's so great to have Sooty home - we missed him so much.”

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