Kerb crawler caught twice in same day

IS THIS Suffolk's most foolish kerb crawler?Less than an hour after Henryk Stolarewicz was given a police caution for picking up a prostitute, he was caught again with his trousers udone.

IS THIS Suffolk's most foolish kerb crawler?

Less than an hour after Henryk Stolarewicz was given a police caution for picking up a prostitute, he was caught again with his trousers down.

According to Sergeant Karl Nightingale, one of the officers leading a crackdown on kerb crawlers and men who use prostitutes in Ipswich's red-light district, this was the first time Suffolk police had caught a person kerb-crawling twice on the same night.

Stolarewicz, of Waterloo Road, Ipswich, was caught with a prostitute by undercover police officers at around 10pm on Friday, August 24, and taken to Ipswich police station.

But less than an hour after he left the station at 12.15am, the 41-year-old was picked up by the same police officers as he was with another prostitute.

Gareth Davies, prosecuting, told South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court: “Plain-clothed police officers witnessed Mr Stolarewicz driving his dark Seat motorcar along Norwich Road.

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“The vehicle stopped and picked up a prostitute. This vehicle was for a short time located in a car park off Grimwade Street.

“When the police officers approached the defendant's vehicle and illuminated a light they saw the defendant with his trousers down and the prostitute was in the process of carrying out oral sex.”

Stolarewicz, who pleaded guilty to soliciting a woman for prostitution, was then given a caution and signed an acceptable behaviour contract which included a promise not to enter Ipswich's red-light areas.

But less than an hour after his release he was seen by officers in Brickfield Close with another prostitute.

Mr Davies said: “He was arrested again. He stated that he knew his actions were wrong and against the law.”

Sgt Nightingale said: “He was arrested, taken into custody, signed an acceptable behaviour contract, all with the use of an interpreter, and within the hour he was back being arrested.

“The second he was caught, it was irrefutable.”

Stolarewicz told the court through his Polish interpreter: “I just want to say that I regret it, what I did, and I'm sorry.”

Magistrates told him: “This offence is aggravated by you going straight out of the police station without the ability of controlling yourself.”

They gave Stolarewicz a fine of £400 and ordered him to pay £15 in victim surcharge and £55 in costs.

Should their be harsher punishment for kerb crawlers? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN or e-mail

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