Kettle, shovel and a wheel clamp among the worst Christmas presents received

How to avoid Christmas present disasters

How to avoid Christmas present disasters - Credit: PA

What is the worst gift you have ever been handed on Christmas Day?

This Christmas shoppers are set to waste £800million on presents that fail to excite the recipient.

Some will be returned, others regifted and some handed over to charity shops.

A new study from Go Ape, based in Thetford, shows we are set to spend around £103.65 per person on gifts this Christmas, but what items should we steer clear of to avoid disappointment on December 25?

According to the Go Ape team, we should avoid household appliances, household cleaning products, socks and supermarket vouchers.

And our team agree. Sue Dando, editor of IP Resident, said: “A bread maker and kettle from my now ex-husband.”

Emma Brennan, west Suffolk chief reporter, suggests bubble bath could be a bad choice.

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“I got bubble bath ever year from my aunty even though I was allergic to it and it brought me out in a rash! My mum refused to tell her.”

And Charlotte Smith-Jarvis recommends that you avoid mulled wine before present buying.

“One year I took back everything that my husband had bought me, which included a Paddy McGuinness stand-up DVD (I hate him), a cookery book I already owned, and a random CD of songs that were nothing like what I’d listen to.

“I feel really bad about that now, but he’d never got it wrong before. I can only assume he’d had a glass or two of mulled wine while he was out shopping.”

What is the worst present you have ever received? Leave your views in the comments section below.