Kettles beware - Ipswich has the UK’s hardest water

Ipswich has the hardest water in the UK, according to a new study

Ipswich has the hardest water in the UK, according to a new study - Credit: Archant

Ipswich has the hardest water in the country according to a new study - leading to higher costs repairing and replacing kitchen appliances.

Using data from local authorities across the UK, the Suffolk town was shown to have the highest levels of calcium carbonate, the key component of hard water, at 423 milligrams per litre - 44 milligrams more than the second highest placed town, Colchester, at 379 milligrams.

The study comes as it was revealed more than half of those in East Anglia believe the water in their area has damaged home appliances and fixtures including washing machines, showers pipes and taps.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults from water firm Best Water Technology (BWT), showed kettles are paying the biggest price, with more than 90% of the region claiming to have suffered damage to their kettles.

More than a third of people in the region also think their mains water has detrimentally affected their skin - with nearly a quarter saying they have bought products to combat the effects.

John Wicks, managing director of BWT said: “Many people don’t know what the impact of hard water can be.

“For example, what will surprise most people is that hard water can make your skin look older, and hair colour duller.

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“Household costs can go up too as you use more cleaning products on your skin, hair and laundry and when you have hard water rather than soft.”

Top 20 hard water areas in the UK (calcium carbonate level milligrams per litre)

1. Ipswich - 423 mg/l

2. Colchester - 379 mg/l

3. Luton - 360 mg/l

4. Norwich - 359 mg/l

5. Watford - 358 mg/l

6. Stevenage - 355 mg/l

7. Swindon - 343 mg/l

8. Harrow - 335 mg/l

9. Hemel Hempstead - 333 mg/l

10. St Albans - 323 mg/l

11. Reading - 323 mg/l

12. Cambridge - 322 mg/l

13. Dartford - 315 mg/l

14. Hull - 313 mg/l

15. Bath - 312 mg/l

16. Bromley - 311 mg/l

17. Milton Keynes - 309 mg/l

18. Canterbury - 308 mg/l

19. Slough - 303 mg/l

20. Portsmouth - 296 mg/l