Kidnap teenager in jail after ex attack

A TEENAGER who violently dragged his ex-girlfriend out of a friend's house and kept her locked in a shed is today serving an indeterminate sentence for kidnap.

A TEENAGER who violently dragged his ex-girlfriend out of a friend's house and kept her locked in a shed is today serving an indeterminate sentence for kidnap.

Daniel Best, 19, could not accept that his 17-year-old girlfriend no longer wanted to be with him.

Best, who gave no fixed address but has been in Norwich Prison since June, pleaded guilty to kidnap and affray when he appeared at Ipswich Crown Court.

The attack happened during the early hours of June 10, just days after he had been given a suspended sentence by the court for assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Simon Spence, prosecuting, told the court that his girlfriend had been out with friends on the night of June 9, during which time she had come across Best.

He had been abusive and she had made it clear she did not want to see him again. Later in the evening she went to her friends' home in Newson Street and Best sent her a text message demanding she speak to him.

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A few hours later Best arrived at the house and demanded to see his ex-girlfriend.

The terrified girl locked herself in the bathroom of the house with her female friend while a male remained downstairs in the house.

Mr Spence said: “Best forced his way into the house, went to the bathroom and grabbed his ex-girlfriend and dragged her out of the house.

“The other two people had tried to pull her back into the house but without success.”

Best dragged the girl from Newson Street to a shed on Anglesea Road. She tried to shout, but Best was holding his hand over her mouth.

Police used their helicopter to search the area and after about half an hour Best loosened his grip on the girl, allowing her ton escape.

Best was arrested by police the following day.

Mr Spence said on June 4 - just six days before the kidnap offence - Best had been sentenced to 16 weeks' youth detention, suspended for two years, after admitting assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

David Wilson, for Best, said his client had had a difficult relationship with his mother and had always found it difficult to know how to deal with women.

He had found it difficult to accept that the relationship had come to an end.

The ex-girlfriend had been writing to Best while he was in custody and she had visited him in Norwich Prison.

Judge Roderick Newton said he was convinced Best was a danger to society. He said he would only be released if it is clear he is no longer dangerous.

“It is clear you continue to be obsessed by her as you broke into the house and pulled her to the shed which must have been very frightening.”

There was no further punishment for the affray and Best was given one extra day in custody for the breach of the suspended sentence.

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