Labour leader Ed Miliband brings his battlebus to Ipswich

Labour Leader Ed Miliband makes a visit to UCS, Ipswich

Labour Leader Ed Miliband makes a visit to UCS, Ipswich - Credit: Lucy Taylor

Labour leader Ed Miliband came to Ipswich to put fire into the bellies of party workers as the general election campaign nears its final fortnight.

He arrived at UCS on the Ipswich Waterfront to meet party candidate David Ellesmere and urge them to put an extra effort in the final weeks of the campaign.

And after meeting Mr Ellesmere he said the key message he had heard from local people was that the economy had not got better for ordinary workers.

He said: “It may be better if you work in the City of London or you’re one of the highest-paid people in the country, but this idea that the wealth will trickle down is nonsense.

“The people working hard to try to improve their lives are not seeing any improvements, and it is time we changed things to ensure that any recovery is shared by everyone – not just the richest.”

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