Latitude: Screaming singing and passion make duo Slaves a success

Latitude 2014

Latitude 2014 - Credit: Nick Butcher

The young two-piece garage punk band turned a few heads on the Lake Stage with their heavy rock and angry lyrics.

Slaves are Isaac Holman, 22, on drums and vocals and Laurie Vincent, 20, on guitar. Holman attracted the crowd with his screaming singing and cockney accent which received a positive and rebellious response from the audience.

A few song titles included 'Cheer up London' and 'Spank' where one song was dedicated to what Holman described as 'grumpy b*****ds on public transport'.

2014 has been an exciting year for Slaves, who began the year with the release of their single 'Where's your Car Debbie?'

Although there was an excitable response from the growing audience, a few parents had to swiftly walk their children past the stage before they overheard the swearing and ranting of the lyrics. But this did not stop the small mosh pit developing in the middle of the crowd!