Letter: Time to focus on priorities

Overgrown road sign

Overgrown road signs have been a problem in Suffolk for many years. - Credit: Archant

On September 22 you reported that in Suffolk there are over 700 road signs damaged or obscured
and according to Suffolk County Council there is not enough money to repair or clean them all.

It’s time Matthew Hicks, the leader of the council, got a grip on what’s happening.

How dare he preside over a revenue budget of nearly £600million and tell us that road signs are not a priority.

It’s a general conceit that all council monies are spent efficiently, despite evidence of our own eyes that this is untrue. 

The council should immediately review its spending so that priorities focus on residents’ needs and not on the managerial wants of the council executives. 

How many people are now engaged on public relations? Are we becoming like the Navy? Do 
we have more admirals than battleships – or are they all Swiss admirals? (No ships but plenty of 

Come on Matthew, conduct the half-year review and justify your large majority.
Brian Riley, Pinewood

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