Little Alfie defies odds

A YOUNG mum told today how her miracle baby boy Alfie was born weighing just 1lb 3oz - and is beating the odds.

John Howard

A YOUNG mum told today how her miracle baby boy Alfie was born weighing just 1lb 3oz - and is beating the odds.

Tiny Alfie Winlow-Cook was born 16 weeks early and was not expected to live - but weeks on the brave little boy is still fighting for life.

But his battle is being played out in Norwich, nearly 50 miles from his Ipswich home, because that is the nearest centre able to look after such a tiny baby.

His young parents Emily Winlow, 16, from Heatherhayes in Ipswich and her partner Dean Cook, 18 faced a desperate 90 minute dash along the A140 when they were told to get straight to his side because doctors thought he was dying.

Miss Winlow, a former Stoke High School pupil said: “We nearly lost him and were told to get straight to hospital as they thought he would die.

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“That was terrifying as it takes time getting up there and it would have been better if he could have stayed at home in the town.”

Miss Winlow said the care from the midwife at Ipswich Hospital was outstanding and she felt very reassured during Alfie's birth.

She said: “He is the most perfect little baby boy in the world. It's so amazing how a baby born so premature can look so gorgeous.

“Alfie was 16 weeks premature and I went into labour on September 15 and he was born on the 17th.

“I was at 23 weeks when I had him and doctors at Ipswich Hospital said he wouldn't survive but here he is four weeks later, still fighting.”

Although two days after the couples' dash to Norwich, Alfie was well enough to come off the ventilator, Miss Winlow said he is now back on it again.

She said: “It's traumatic enough having to see your child laying in an incubator not knowing whether they will survive this day, let alone being young yourself.

“I have bad days where I think I cannot cope and I feel like breaking down, but I think of little Alfie's face and I know that little boy needs me and we are taking each day as it comes.”

Bindy Price, head matron of the children's service at Ipswich Hospital, said: “We are delighted that baby Alfie is doing so well. The praise and thanks to our hospital means the world to the staff who work extraordinarily hard every day to provide exceptional care to mums and babies.”