LIVE UPDATE: Drivers part of the peril on Suffolk roads

DRIVERS themselves were part of the problem on Suffolk’s ice-bound roads today.

Many had failed to clear their cars after overnight heavy snow – and as soon as they joined the county’s main roads it was blowing on to already-gritted carriageways.

This led to “mini further falls” on the A12 and A14 and the outside lanes of Suffolk’s main routes were covering over again.

One early accident, thankfully with no injuries, was on the A14 at Trimley where a car had spun off the road and collided with a hedge.

Predicted overnight fog failed to materialise and the main routes were generally clear after a mammoth overnight gritting operation.

Drivers using Ipswich’s main artery routes were moving cautiously but at 7.30am there was none of yesterday’s gridlock.

I travelled down Bourne Hill to Wherstead Road and whilst there was snow in the middle of each lane, drivers were proceeding to the town centre in good order.

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Police were hoping that yesterday’s gridlock wouldn’t be repeated – although traffic appeared to be much lighter with people taking a long weekend and staying bed.

Ipswich side streets were again treacherous.

Lacey Street, off Woodbridge Road, was one of the hilly Ipswich streets where drivers were having to take extreme caution.

One alert from me for drivers this morning concerns windscreen wipers.

In last night’s snow many drivers arrived home and left their wipers in the on position. This morning that means they will be on – and trying to move under hard ice, when drivers start up.

That takes the rubber off the blade – so beware.

More updates coming up through the day.

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