Who is standing in your ward in Ipswich Borough Council's elections?

Ipswich Borough Council elects new councillors on May 5 2022.

The full list of candidates from Alexandra ward to Whitton has been announced for Ipswich Borough Council's election on May 5. - Credit: Archant

It is just under a month to the polls open for Ipswich Borough Council's election - but who is standing? 

The list of candidates for the 2022 election has been published. 

The council is the only one of Suffolk’s second tier authorities to be holding polls on Thursday, May 5.

The authority elects its members in thirds, meaning 16 seats – one in each ward – is up for grabs this year.

In addition, a further seat in St John’s Ward is to be contested after Labour councillor Shelly Darwin resigned from her role in January.

Voters there will vote for two candidates.

Of the 17 seats being contested, Labour will be defending 12, while the Conservatives currently hold four. The Liberal Democrats presently hold one seat.

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Voters have already begun receiving their polling cards through the post, with the polls open from 7am to 10pm as usual on May 5.

The full list of candidates is as follows:

Alexandra: Laura Allenby (C), John Cook (L)*, Sophie Williams (LD), Tom Wilmot (G)

Bixley: Paul Anderson (L), Stephanie Cullen (G), Edward Phillips (C)*, Trevor Powell (LD)

Bridge: Stephen Connelly (L), Adria Pittock (G), Mike Scanes (C), Henry Williams (LD)

Castle Hill: Kimberley Clements (L), Sam Murray (C)*, Martin Pakes (LD)

Gainsborough: Albert Demaj (C), Lynne Mortimer (L), Conrad Packwood (LD), Brieanna Patmore (G)

Gipping: Sian Gubb (C), Elizabeth Hughes (L)*, Lee Morris (G), Lisa Weichert (LD)

Holywells: John Downie (C)*, George Lankester (L), Jenny Rivett (G), Robin Whitmore (LD)

Priory Heath: Nicholas Jacob (LD), Daniel Maguire (L)*, Andy Patmore (G), Andy Shannon (C)

Rushmere:  Paul Cawthorn (C), Lucy Drake (LD), Stefan Long (L), Rachel Morris (G)

Sprites: Barry Broom (G), Roland Mortimer (C), Colin Smart (L)

St John’s (two seats): Tim Buttle (C), Sophie Connelly (L), Elango Elavalakan (L)*, Sachin Karale (C), Jude Rook (G), Giles Turner (LD), Jason Williams (G)

St Margaret’s:  Stephen Ion (C), Inga Lockington (LD)*, Ruman Muhith (L), Kirsty Wilmot (G)

Stoke Park: Tony Blacker (L), Nadia Cenci (C)*, Martin Hynes (G), Adam Merritt (LD), Sandra Sparrow (ADF)

Westgate: Martin Hore (LD), Colin Kreidewolf (L)*, John Mann (G), Debbie Richards (C)

Whitehouse: David Goldsmith (C), Andrea McDonald (G), Colin Wright (L)*

Whitton: Michelle Bevan-Margetts (C), Julie Fletcher (LD), Edmund Harrison (G), Christine Shaw (L)*

Key: C – Conservative, L – Labour, LD – Liberal Democrats, G – Green Party, ADF – Alliance for Democracy and Freedom.
The asterisk denotes a sitting councillor.