Boy, 4, loves Thomas and Friends so much he named EV after electric train

Myles Taylor

Myles Taylor in one of its Ipswich Borough Council's electric vehicles, which he named of Stafford in honour of a Thomas the Tank Engine character - Credit: IBC

A four-year-old boy's love of Thomas the Tank Engine has convinced Ipswich council to name one of its electric cars in the TV series' honour. 

Myles Taylor loves Stafford, the first battery run engine, from Thomas and Friends and decided it had to be one of the names sent to Ipswich Borough Council to consider for its electric vehicle fleet.

His entry was chosen along with 17 others that took their inspiration from the world of science, sport or well crafted puns.

Ipswich Borough Council received 170 entries from the public, council and its officers. 

Karen and Myles Taylor

Karen and Myles Taylor - Credit: IBC

Myle's mum Karen Taylor named one of the EV's after Michael Faraday, the electricity scientist.

She said she chose the name because electricity "makes you go far in a day". 

Mrs Taylor said the family is happy to have won, along with highlighting climate change.  

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The Holbrook resident added: "It's great this raises awareness for the environment. 

"More people should recycle more and do not take more so many journeys in their car." 

Fellow winner Judith Scott, who lives near Morrisons, said she is already travelling in a green way and often bikes. 

"It's chockablock with cars on Bramford Road.," she added. "More people should be encouraged to cycle."

Winners of Ipswich Borough Council's naming electric vehicles competition. 

Winners of Ipswich Borough Council's naming electric vehicles competition. - Credit: IBC

Mrs Scott, who chose the name Zippi for  IBC's EV fleet, also pushed the council, government and international community to "make real change" for the climate before the United Nations Climate Change conference on Sunday. 

Oliver Arthur said his winning name of IpSwitch had no more thought than "just a good play on words". 

Cllr Phil Smart, Ipswich Borough Council's portfolio holder for environment and climate change, said: “We asked residents for suggestions and they didn’t disappoint – we’ve had a fantastic response and some really creative and funny names. I’m sure Dame Kelly Holmes will be honoured to know she’s now got an electric vehicle named after her.”

“Thank you to everyone who got involved, we hope that once the vehicles are sporting their names people will spot them out and about and give our teams a smile and a wave.”

The full list of car names is as follows:                                                                        

  1. Adam Amp
  2. Bolt
  3. Brightspark
  4. Buzz Lightgear
  5. Carmen Electra
  6. Dame Kelly Ohms
  7. Dr WATTson
  8. Electro
  9. Evie
  10. Faraday
  11. Greta
  12. IpSwitch
  13. Joules
  14. Plugster
  15. Sherlock Ohms
  16. Sparky
  17. Stafford
  18. Zippi