Ipswich mum's frustration as terminally ill son, 13, left unable to go home

Harrison Boyd fell ill in February 

Harrison Boyd fell ill in February - Credit: Tanya Boyd

An Ipswich mum was left in a desperate situation after her teenage son's terminal cancer left him unable to enter her council flat. 

Tanya Boyd has been searching for a new home on the council's housing list but had failed to get close to a property until an intervention by this newspaper. 

Her son Harrison, 13, has been diagnosed with a nut carcinoma, a rare type of cancer for which he is receiving chemotherapy at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. 

Harrison with his brother and his mum Tanya

Harrison with his brother and his mum Tanya - Credit: Tanya Boyd

He is wheelchair bound now because of a tumour which pressed on his spinal chord meaning he can no longer use his legs. 

Miss Boyd currently lives in a flat which is only accessible by stairs and can only be reached by an uneven driveway which is not suitable for his wheelchair either. 

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As a result, Miss Boyd has been left trying to find another place to live but because Harrison's diagnosis was only in February the family have been left lower down the priority list with the council than other potential tenants. 

"I wasn't even getting shortlisted to be accepted for viewings," said Miss Boyd. 

Harrison Boyd is 13 and has terminal cancer

Harrison Boyd is 13 and has terminal cancer - Credit: Tanya Boyd

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"They are saying that people have been on the list longer than us.

"I get that but my son is terminally ill."

Miss Boyd had looked into private accommodation but having become a carer for her son, she was unable to meet the requirements for landlords and was unable to find someone with a high enough wage to act as her guarantor. 

Harrison Boyd is currently staying at Ipswich Hospital 

Harrison Boyd is currently staying at Ipswich Hospital - Credit: Tanya Boyd

Unable to return home and with no new property available between his chemo sessions, Harrison had become a resident at Ipswich Hospital. 

Since we contacted Ipswich Borough Council, the housing team was able to find a property which it hopes will be suitable for the family. 

Tanya Boyd has been left frustrated by the borough council's housing system

Tanya Boyd has been left frustrated by the borough council's housing system - Credit: Tanya Boyd

A spokesman for Ipswich Borough Council said: "A viewing is being arranged as soon as possible for the family and we trust that this will provide a good solution to their housing need. Adaptions would be made straightaway to make sure the property suits their unique circumstances.

"The council’s housing team has done everything they could since the family’s first application to find them a suitable property was made in mid-June this year.

"The family has unique needs and we haven’t had anything suitable available until now, and this only with some additional adaptations."  

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