Ravenswood Community Centre used solely as 'family hub'

Ravenswood Community Centre in Hening Avenue

Ravenswood Community Centre in Hening Avenue - Credit: Charlotte Bond

A community centre in Ipswich will currently only be used as a 'family hub'.

In February, some residents complained that Ravenswood Community Centre never seemed to be open and they questioned whether it could be used for other activities.

The centre is leased by owners Ipswich Borough Council to Suffolk County Council.

An Ipswich Borough Council spokesman said: “It is up to the lessee to determine the reasonable use of premises that they rent, but we know the building is fully employed providing a range of activities and support for parents to be and those with children under five.” 

The centre is used by the county council as a family hub, and in response to questions around the centre's use, Suffolk County Council said in a statement: “The Ravenswood Community Centre is a dedicated space for people who live locally. 

“We lease the space from Ipswich Borough Council to deliver a host of services in our Family Hub. We offer all sorts of activities including toddler sessions, baby yoga, drop-in for help and advice for parents and youth clubs."