Car park to be built on green space

Lovetofts Drive in Ipswich

Lovetofts Drive in Ipswich - Credit: Google Maps

A green amenity space in an Ipswich neighbourhood is set to be turned into a car park if plans revealed on Monday are given the go-ahead. 

Residents have long been complaining about the safety of Lovetofts Drive, in the Whitehouse area of Ipswich.

Colin Wright, Ipswich borough councillor for the Whitehouse ward, said drivers have been struggling to park in the street, with few houses having driveways and garages for cars.

Mr Wight added: "I am pleased with what has come and it will make life easier and safer, especially for those with children."

Ipswich Borough Council's planning statement also mentions the issue, saying: "Car parking has been a longstanding issue along Lovetofts Drive due to an inherent shortage of off-road parking for residents.

"The grass verges near the site have been compacted and are largely in poor condition due to continuous parking on these verges."

Mr Wright also said there will be space for new electric charging points if needed by local residents. 

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The Labour councillor added: "This [Conservative] government's ambition is to have all cars electric in the future. So it's about future-proofing the car parking area."

He also said the amenity land's two oak trees will be protected if the car park is given the go-ahead with some space still for a green area. 

The planning statement from Ipswich Borough Council sets out that there will be a "no-dig" order on some areas in the new car park plan to safeguard the roots of trees, which support wildlife in the Whitehouse area. 

It will also only use 50% of the amenity land for the cark park with some small areas dug for hard surfacing to allow the residents to access the car park safely.

Knee-high rail fencing and additional bollards will also require digging.

To have a look at the plans go here and search 21/00927/FPI3.