Fury at 'unnerving' groups' booze litter at Ipswich playground

This is the alcohol drinks litter seen near a playground in Ipswich. 

This is the alcohol drinks litter seen near a playground in Ipswich. - Credit: Nicky Clarke-Keeble

An Ipswich playground has been seen full of alcohol-associated litter. 

Dog walker Nicky Clarke-Keeble said boozy groups "unnerve" her when she's walking her dogs in St Augustine's Recreation Ground in south-east Ipswich. 

She explained: "It’s always a problem around this area, unfortunately, groups of youths hanging around the shops and older groups of men hanging around the park, which is unnerving for me as I am a woman on my own walking my dogs most of the time when in the park and find myself leaving before I’ve actually done what I went there to do."

She added its really "tricky" to visit the  "pretty park" with her three grandchildren.

Phil Smart, Ipswich Borough Council's portfolio holder for environment and climate change said: "I’m pleased this group had a good time in our park and I would imagine they chose to go there because the park was welcoming and, ironically, litter-free. Would it not be good if that was the case for later visitors?

"If litterers instead put their litter in the bin, or take it away, and we all do that it will be best for all of us. Help us all to help yourself.”