Lock up and beat the burglars

POLICE today urged residents to lock up after three Ipswich homes have been targeted by burglars in a week.The latest burglary happened between 2am and 4.

POLICE today urged residents to lock up after three Ipswich homes have been targeted by burglars in a week.

The latest burglary happened between 2am and 4.40am on Wednesday in Canterbury Close.

Cash, DVDs and a bag were taken after raiders gained entry through an unlocked living room window.

Earlier this week, between 12.30am and 9.30am on Monday, a burglar attempted to enter a home in Springfield Lane through an open kitchen window.

Items were removed from the windowsill but it is thought the intruders fled after being scared by the owners' dog.

And between 3.30pm on Saturday and just after midnight on May 31, a laptop computer and about 50 DVDs were taken from a house in Chesterfield Drive. The culprits entered the property through an open bathroom window.

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Community safety sergeant Neil Boast, of Suffolk police, urged people not to drop their guard as the summer season kicks in.

He said: "It's vital people lock up and secure their homes at all times of the day and night, even when they're at home.

"An insecure window or door left open can be an invitation to an opportunist thief and can cause misery and upset for those involved.

"Suffolk is one of the safest counties in the country. It's not inevitable you'll become a victim of crime if you carry out a few simple crime reduction measures."

FASTfacts: Don't be a victim

A third of burglars get in through the back window. Visible locks may deter thieves.

Window locks force the thief to break glass and risk attracting attention.

Always make sure windows, doors and gates are locked and never leave keys in a door.

Don't tempt the thief – keep valuables out of sight.

If you have moved into a new house, consider changing the front and back door locks.

Never leave a key in a hiding place. This is where a thief will look first.

Postcode your property. This could deter burglars by making goods harder to sell.

Be alert to people loitering in residential areas.

Source: Suffolk Constabulary

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