Locksmith’s steady hands help free baby trapped in BMW by car’s self-locking system

L-R: Locksmith Sheldon Turner, baby Olivia and mum Charlotte Meara

L-R: Locksmith Sheldon Turner, baby Olivia and mum Charlotte Meara - Credit: Archant

Could this be one of a mother’s worst nightmares? Standing outside your car with your baby helplessly locked inside.

Fortunately for Charlotte Meara this situation was happily and safely resolved without the need to break a window.

After putting six-month-old baby Olivia into her BMW parked in Lower Brook Street today Mrs Meara pushed the door to as a car drove past.

But when she went to put her pushchair in the boot she found the car had self-locked – with the keys inside on the dashboard.

“It was terrible. It was the worst thing ever,” Mrs Meara said.

“She was OK for a little while but then she started screaming.”

Sheldon Turner from CPW Locksmiths was soon on the scene and after 30 minutes became the hero of the hour.

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He explained: “It (the car) has got a release button which I was trying for first, but I couldn’t get enough pressure on it.”

When plan A failed he delicately fished the keys out using a rod slipped through a gap in the window which had been prised open with an air bag.

By this time a small crowd had gathered to watch and assist Mrs Meara, Mr Turner admitting it put him under “a bit of pressure”.

After being rescued, baby Olivia appeared none-the-worse for her ordeal.

“As soon as she came out she was fine,” said a relieved Mrs Meara, full of thanks for Mr Turner.