Loco back on the tracks

TRAIN services returned to normal this morning after an overnight operation to put a de-railed locomotive back on track.

The Freightliner Class 09 shunter came off the rails just outside the entrance to the Port of Felixstowe’s northern rail freight terminal – the spur line from Trimley station to the port.

The de-railement happened just before 5pm yesterday and meant some disruption to services on the Felixstowe-Ipswich line and beyond as passenger and freight trains had to be re-scheduled.

Cargo trains were sent to the port’s southern terminal to avoid the accident – which meant passing along an additional part of the passenger line.

Teams worked all evening and eventually the shunter was lifted back on to the track at 2.50am today.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “All services were able to resume their usual usual timetables and everything was back to normal this morning.”