London: More than 100 arrested after second night of unrest in capital in wake of Tottenham riots

LONDON endured another night of unrest as disturbances broke out across the capital in the wake of the Tottenham riots.

Police officers were deployed to respond to “copycat criminal activity” across the capital, after trouble flared in Tottenham on Saturday night Scotland Yard said.

Disturbances erupted in several boroughs in north, south and east London, with reports of trouble in Brixton, Enfield, Walthamstow, Islington and Oxford Circus.

Officers made more than 100 arrests overnight and in the early hours of today, in addition to the 61 arrests made the previous night.

Met Commander Christine Jones, said: “Officers responding to sporadic disorder in a number of boroughs made more than 100 arrests throughout last night and early this morning.

“This is in addition to the 61 arrests made on Saturday night and Sunday morning.”

She said there had been 16 charges in relation to offences including burglary, points and blades, theft and violent disorder.

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Seventeen people have been bailed and one has been cautioned. One person was sectioned under the Mental Health Act, 11 are awaiting CPS advice and 15 are ongoing inquiries, she added.

She went on: “Officers are shocked at the outrageous level of violence directed against them. At least nine officers were injured overnight in addition to the 26 injured on Saturday night.

“We will not tolerate this disgraceful violence. The investigation continues to bring these criminals to justice.”

Three officers were taken to hospital after being hit by a fast-moving vehicle at 12.45am, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

The officers had been in the process of making arrests in Chingford Mount, Waltham Forest, after a shop was looted by youths.

“Two officers are believed to have superficial injuries and the other has an injury to his knee,” the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, a fight broke out when rival gangs attended King’s College Hospital after two victims of minor stabbings were admitted, police said.

The hospital has brought in extra security for the rest of the night and officers remain on scene dealing with the initial stabbings, the spokesman added.

Six fire engines were dispatched to deal with a blaze at a Foot Locker shop in Brixton, south London, and witnesses saw riot police clash with looters at a Currys store nearby.

The fresh violence comes after a peaceful protest in Tottenham, north London, on Saturday, which followed the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan, 29 on Thursday.

More than 500 yobs took to the streets of Tottenham setting fire to police cars, double decker bus, buildings and shops.

Twenty-six police officers were injured and eight were taken to hospital after petrol bombs, bricks and bottles were hurled at them.

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