Lovable Kofi’s on the mend thanks to emergency op

IPSWICH: When Kofi the adorable black Labrador was found lying in the middle of the road after being hit by a car, her owners didn’t know what the future might hold.

The lovable pooch was left fighting for her life after the collision in the town’s Cauldwell Hall Road and her owner, Amanda Cross was devastated,

Melbourne-born vet Shane Morrison was shocked by the severity of her injuries when she arrived at the Christchurch Veterinary Referrals, in Tuddenham Road, on September 16, however after emergency surgery, the two-year-old pet has now made a remarkable recovery.

Miss Cross, of Cauldwell Hall Road, said she was distraught when she saw her canine friend run out of her front door and into the street. Kofi became an important part of the family when mum-of-four Miss Cross got her in December 2009.

“We just saw her lying in the street, we didn’t know how badly she was injured but it was clear she was in a lot of pain,” Miss Cross said.

“I was so worried about Kofi because the vets said she had been very lucky to be alive after the crash. She is such a lovely dog.”

Mr Morrison, who performed the surgery the day after the dog was brought into the vets, told The Evening Star that he inserted a metal plate to help her injury heal.

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The vet, who also appeared in the Star when he operated on Nora Batty – a tiny chihuahua crossed with a Chinese Crested – who desperately needed a hip operation, said: “She is very lucky to be alive, she sustained very, very serious injuries.

“She suffered a fractured hind leg and her left leg had sustained a shearing injury which means that some of her ligaments had eroded.

“We operated on the ankle joint and following surgery she is doing very well – she is now able to walk again. She has made an amazing recovery considering the extent of her injuries.”

Miss Cross added: “She is a bit hobbly, but she is doing so amazingly well. We are so happy the vets did all they could to make sure she was on the mend.”

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