Lycra-clad Canary fan assaulted by rival fans

A Norwich City fan has told how he was set upon by rival supporters - after they took exception to him wearing an all-in-one green lycra-suit in support of his beloved Canaries.

Teenager Joe Green was left with a suspected broken nose and cuts and bruises to his face after being punched and elbowed in the moments after Saturday’s game away at Nottingham Forest.

The attack came after the 16-year-old, dressed in a bright green “morph” suit, had enjoyed what he thought was friendly banter with opposition fans during Norwich’s 1-1 draw.

However, once outside Forest’s City Ground, matters took an ugly turn when a gang of rival supporters set on him.

Despite the attack, the former Acle High School pupil says he still has nothing but praise for Forest’s fans - after they came to his aid.

He said today: “I got an elbow to the side and didn’t know whether it was intentional or just an accident.

“Then I got a punch in the face. I looked down to check my nose for blood, looked up and got another punch in the face and at that point they hit my glasses which had gone up and cut above my eye. It all happened in seconds.”

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Joe, from Reedham, near Great Yarmouth, said he had been enjoying light hearted banter with Forest fans in the Trent End of the ground for most of the first half of Saturday’s draw.

He said: “It was all a bit light hearted and then all of a sudden they started making slit your throat signs and I thought I would leave it.”

Joe, who is hoping to go to Norwich City College this year to study a BTEC National Diploma in Public Services, said a club steward then intervened by firstly having a word with the Forest fans responsible and then with him.

The life-long City supporter said he then tried to ignore the fans who had made gestures towards him throughout the second half before trying to make sure he avoided them on leaving the ground.

A bloodied and bruised Joe, who has suffered a suspected broken nose and bruising to his face, said in the moments after the attack he was surrounded by fans of both Norwich and Forest offering to help.

He said: “I had fans coming up to me asking if I was alright and offering me tissues and someone got the police to come over. They asked me if I wanted to make an official complaint, but it wasn’t fair on my friends and I just wanted to get back to the car so gave me an escort back to the car.

“But I’ve still got nothing but praise for the way Forest dealt with it. After it happened most of their fans came up and said that on behalf of their club and the city they apologised.”

Joe, who wore his morph suit to City’s opening match of the season at home to Watford, said the attack would not stop him from donning it in future.

He said: “It was disappointing to end the day in that way after having such a good day out, but as soon as I get all the blood off it will be back on the next away game I can afford to go on.

“It’s all good light hearted fun between me and a friend. We’re not out to cause problems. If we were going to go out and get into fights we wouldn’t be wearing such ridiculous outfits to single us out.”

Joe’s father Roger, who will be taking his son to the doctor tomorrowto get his injuries assessed, said he will be reporting the matter with Nottinghamshire police.