Mabel the owl is back – according to the Friends of Christchurch Park

Mabel the owl in her tree. Picture: SU ANDERSON

Mabel the owl in her tree. Picture: SU ANDERSON - Credit: Su Anderson

Beloved tawny owl Mabel has returned to Christchurch Park following fears she may have disappeared for good.

She has delighted visitors for almost a decade but had not been spotted for some time prompting experts to warn she may no longer be with us.

However, a tweet posted by the Friends of Christchurch Park this evening appears to suggest otherwise.

Their confirmation follows sightings of the owl reported earlier this week.

Readers contacted this newspaper after spotting an owl in the park they believed was Mabel but Ipswich Borough Council bosses dismissed claims it was her.

A spokesman said yesterday: “We have not seen Mabel for some time now, we are keeping an eye out and really hopes she returns.”

Expert Reg Snook, who has written a book about Mabel, also expressed fears that the much-loved tawny owl may be gone for good.

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